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Our Mortgage Guarantee Promise

How fair is this?

We want our customers to know that we will treat them fairly and honestly at all times. We feel so strongly about this that we offer our valued clients a Mortgage Guarantee. It’s simple – our unique Mortgage Guarantee means that we will refund you our Broker Fee if we have been unable to secure you a mortgage. Terms and Conditions do apply but they are fair and transparent.

In addition, any up-front appointment that you have with a mortgage adviser is offered without obligation and without charge.

During a mortgage appointment we will provide you with a professional assessment of your mortgage ability, which includes explaining your borrowing options and the costs associated with your recommended mortgage transaction. It will also include obtaining a Decision in Principle on your behalf providing you the peace of mind to view and potentially offer on a property. All of this before you commit to anything or pay a penny to anyone – including us!

Our fee only becomes payable once you decide to proceed with a mortgage application and we will work tirelessly in the background once your application is underway to keep you updated and to liaise with the mortgage lender on your behalf to move your application through the process until you have secured a formal mortgage offer.

Terms and Conditions of the Mortgage Guarantee

The mortgage guarantee is not binding in the following circumstances:

  • If you change your mind and withdraw from the mortgage application process
  • If your circumstances change through the application process (e.g. you lose your job or separate from your partner)
  • If your application is declined due to non-disclosure of an important financial commitment or related-situation
  • If your mortgage application is declined due to survey-related issues
  • Depending on severity, adverse-credit related applications are excluded
  • Commercial, bridging self-build mortgage applications are excluded
  • After six (6) months have passed from application. The full application process would need to be started again
  • The mortgage guarantee only applies to the mortgage broker fee outlined above and no other associated costs (e.g. survey / lender fees) are covered by this guarantee.

Terms updated August 2020

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