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Project Planning & Construction Options

Project Planning

Possibly the most vital part of any self-build project, project planning helps to ensure that everyone involved in the project is ‘on track’. Project planning also helps you keep track of costs throughout the project.

As such, the very highest priority needs to be given to the planning stage of a self-build project, moving to a detailed plan as quickly as possible. It is essential to have a clear vision of:

  • what needs to be done
  • when it needs to be done
  • who is going to do it
  • what the cost will be

One of the most common reasons why self-build budgets are exceeded are delays, which can create the knock on effect of contractors being unable to begin their work whilst still having to be paid for their time. As such, however detailed a project plan, it remains sensible to include an additional 10% – 15% contingency sum into planned costs to cover unforeseen increases.

Lenders also typically need to know if and when any existing mortgage commitments are to be repaid. This is of particular significance if applicants will not be in a position to redeem their current residential mortgage until their new property is complete. Applicants will therefore need to be able to simultaneously satisfy the lenders’ affordability requirements in respect of both the current mortgage and the new self-build mortgage being applied for.

Construction options

When it comes to the actual construction of the property there are several options that are available. The most common types of construction in the UK include:

Timber Frame

  • Extremely popular with self builders due to its energy efficiency
  • Relatively quick method of construction

Brick and Block.

  • The traditional method used to construct houses in the UK
  • Easiest type of property to re-sell

Steel Frame

  • A relatively rare method in the UK

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